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Carol A. Cole

Welcome to my site!

Here you will find news about my writing. What I’ve written and where to find it.

I have worked with young children in schools for about 30 years as a pediatric physical therapist. I started writing “scripts” for a favorite TV show when I was ten years old and haven't stopped writing since!  I'm the author of over 45 articles and short stories found online and in anthologies.  I live with my husband and son and our dog and 2 cats in Northern Virginia.

Penguin Lady Cover

This is my debut picture book!  I based this story on one of the teachers with whom I work - the original Penguin Lady.  The Penguin Lady’s classroom is filled with penguin mouse pads, puzzles, wall decorations, and inflatable penguins, leading me to wonder what would happen should real penguins move in! :)


The Penguin Lady is available at